Who We Are

bkashsoftware is one of the leading retail (reseller) and wholesale VoIP Service Provider Company with its presence in all the Middle East countries as well across the world. The company offers VoIP termination services, which facilitates the users to make low costs and best quality.


international call by using internet as a medium. We are experienced in this sector from 2009.bkashsoftware is committed to ensure the foreign carriers’ receives, a world class support & service after sales and continuous communication with IGW to provide guarantee of smart voice quality.

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The authority has full functioning control on the service and can terminate A-Z international call, so that all the clients have satisfaction to the company.

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quality is most important parameter for a good voice reseller company. bkashsoftware conscious about its voice quality and our main aim to give best quality route to our customers.

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Customer Care & Support :
bkashsoftware ensure 24×7 hours customer care & support to its customers. Customers can get support by our technical team and after placing problem our team resolved the problem within short time.

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Because of international standard after sales service and support, bkashsoftware reached as an international standard company in the globe.

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bkashsoftware always emphasize to give maximum level of supports so that customers will be more satisfied.

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In the sectors of VoIP business customers always wants better call quality and call connectivity within short time, here unicon given the best call quality so that customers are satisfied.

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